Raising awareness

Raising awareness
Raising awareness

Promoting the culture of risks in the territories exposed to intense climatic phenomena is one our company's priorities.

It is crucial for the populations to understand the hazards to which they are exposed. This service aims at raising awareness among people, companies, associations and schools of major natural hazards. People tend to be ignorant of how to act during an intense climatic event. The purpose of our awareness campaign is to adapt the various human behaviours in order to reduce people's vulnerability, to limit the impacts of the potentially damaging event and to facilitate resilience.

Promoting the culture of risks through suitable communication

Raising awareness and preventive communication in schools

Raising awareness and preventive communication in schools:

In a context in which intense meteorological events are always more numerous, it is crucial to promote the culture of risks from a very young age. In this regard, our teams hold conferences to raise awareness of major natural hazards among students directly in their classrooms. We come to teach the students about the various meteorological phenomena to which they can be exposed. (What are the different kinds of storms? What is the difference between a spate and a flood? etc.) Our teaching is suitable to all year groups, from primary school to university, through an appropriate popularisation of science. The objective of these conferences is to guide the students towards a better understanding or their territory and of the present and future climatic challenges.

Raising awareness among companies and crisis management training

Raising awareness among companies and crisis management training:

Thanks to our expertise in the management of crises and natural disasters, we offer to raise awareness among companies through a course which meets their activities' needs. It tackles various themes: How to run a business in an area liable to flooding, how to maintain or resume your activities during and after an intense phenomenon, how to manage a crisis to facilitate resilience and how to behave when facing natural disasters? On top of this theoretical teaching, our team sets up exercises of crisis management in which your entire staff is asked to participate. This operational training aims at preparing your staff to react efficiently during a crisis by acquiring the appropriate reactions.

Preventive communication among municipalities

Preventive communication among municipalities:

Our teams offer to hold conferences to raise awareness among the town's elected representatives and population of the natural hazards on their territory. In this respect, our service of preventive communication offers to hold public conferences. Popularised and designed for each town, our presentation is made of explanations about meteorological phenomena and their consequences, analyses of past events and of the behaviours to have when facing hazards. Depending on your needs, we can hold conferences on any hazard (coastal flood, flood, wildfires, windstorms, etc.).

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