A multidisciplinary team

A multidisciplinary team
ARHYA is a company composed of engineers in Natural Disaster Management who specialised in anticipation, weather forecasting and the monitoring of hydrometeorological phenomena. Our desire to reduce the vulnerability of municipalities, companies and private individuals can be seen through our innovative methodologies and our appropriate solutions. We use our skills in cartography to assist municipalities in the creation of organisational, operational and regulatory tools. Moreover, promoting the culture of risks is something we hold dear. This is why we hold conferences to raise awareness. In summary, our teams work with everything that is linked to hydrometeorological hazards: anticipating, forecasting, communicating, raising awareness and regulating.
Our motto
Warning early enough, giving assistance during the event and facilitating the transition when the situation goes back to normal.

An innovative and versatile
engineering consultancy

To meet the several needs caused by
natural disasters, our company created four main departments:

Department 1 Anticipation


Anticipating to prepare and protect ourselves

Our engineers produce detailed and highly accurate forecasts, everywhere across Europe and Africa, in order to anticipate as well as possible the occurrence of an intense hydrometeorological phenomenon.

Department 2 Assistance and Warning

& Warning

Warning in order to efficiently protect ourselves from the crisis

Our engineers use the best detection technologies in order to efficiently warn their customers in advance that a severe climatic event is to take place.

Department 3 Communication

Communication and Raising awareness

Raising awareness so that people can learn how to react appropriately.

Our communication department is composed of experienced lecturers whose objective is to spread the culture of risks and raise awareness of the appropriate behaviours to have during potential crises.

Department 4 Regulation and Cartography

& Cartography

Reducing the vulnerability of territories against natural disasters

We offer a large spectrum of cartographic solutions and regulatory documents in order to reduce the vulnerability of municipalities, companies and private individuals.