Vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability can be defined by the presence of weaknesses in a system against a hazard and its capacity to overcome the crisis.

Given that there is an ever-growing number of needs (new buildings) and that intense climatic events are always more numerous, ARHYA has developed innovative tools to determine and classify vulnerabilities. The methodologies we use are meant for municipalities and towns, companies, farmers, industrial areas and the general population. Our objective is to reduce vulnerabilities to improve prevention and the management of crises.

Preliminary vulnerability analysis, Overall Vulnerability Index and Diagnosis

In order to meet the needs of both the private and public sectors in terms of reducing the territories' vulnerability, ARHYA has developed a methodology in three steps:

The production of vulnerability analyses and diagnoses for different organisations (municipalities, companies, farmers, or the general population) has made ARHYA a highly experienced company in the creation of strategies to manage natural hazards. Our experts are well aware of the importance of the part that man has to play during intense hydrometeorological events. This is why they produce analyses of perception against hazards. These analyses aim at raising awareness among the elected representatives as well as the citizens of the good behaviours to have during hazards. Therefore, we work for the reduction of human vulnerability. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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