Other requests
for businesses which depend on the weather

Other requests for businesses which depend on the weather

Meteorological expertise at the service of
businesses which depend on the weather

Do you work in the open air and depend on the weather?

Would you like to know the weather for an event you are organising?

Our teams offer a service of anticipation of the hydrometeorological hazards which is entirely customised to meet your needs. The true appreciation of our service lies in the extreme accuracy of our forecasts. The first step of our work is the analysis of your area and its vulnerability in order to better understand your needs. With ARHYA, you are provided with assistance from real experts 24/7 in order to plan your days in the most secure and serene way.


Meteorological expertise for campsites

Campsites are very often located in natural spaces with waterways and a relatively dense vegetation. This context causes a certain sensitivity to hydrometeorological hazards since those can heavily impact the campsite’s smooth operation and have very severe consequences on the properties and the people.

This sensitivity to the weather is even more significant in the summer. Indeed, the weather influences the reservations. It is therefore an undeniable economic boost which has to be anticipated with the best accuracy possible. Composed of a team of engineers in Natural Disaster Management who have developed strong skills in weather forecasting, ARHYA offers:

Event management

Meteorological expertise for event management businesses

Organising outdoor events requires you to know the weather in advance. Anticipating the upcoming hazards allows event planners to make the right decisions for their events. Aware of the importance of knowing the weather in advance, ARHYA has developed forecasting tools, the strengths of which are:

Outdoor recreation

Meteorological expertise for outdoor recreation businesses

Making a list of all the activities which depend on the weather is no easy task. Whether it be for sports matches or for tourist attractions, the weather is an important factor. In order to guarantee the smooth running of your business, ARHYA offers two types of services:

You will find below a list of the business sectors in which our services are reputed: