Anticipating, predicting and alerting:
an innovative strategy to face hazards

Anticipating, predicting and alerting: an innovative strategy to face hazards
Anticipating and predicting hydrometeorological hazards
Natural disasters affect more than 200,000 people throughout the world every year. Between 2001 and 2015, about 25,000 individuals died in Metropolitan France and in the French Overseas Departments and Territories due to intense natural phenomena, which also resulted in the loss of approximately 25 billion Euro. These economic losses are mainly due to atmospheric phenomena. Because of the ever-growing number of disasters, it has become crucial to predict these events in order to protect ourselves from them. To meet these needs, our company offers its expertise in the anticipation and the prediction of hydrometeorological hazards across Europe and Africa (flood, hailstorm, lightning, storm, frost, etc.) Moreover, our engineers take turns in order to be available 24/7 to carry out alerts in real time and predict potential risks for the activities which depend on the weather.
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Forecasting is both trying to predict the future and preparing for it —
forecasting is the first step in acting.

A team of experts
at your service

A team of experts at your service

ARHYA is a company composed of experts in Natural Disaster Management who have developed strong skills in weather forecasting. Our mission consists in anticipating, predicting and detecting intense hydrometeorological hazards in order to protect the population, the companies and the municipalities.

Our teams are highly qualified and experienced in the anticipation and the detection of climatic phenomena. Every hour of every day, our teams pay very close attention to all damaging hazards everywhere across Europe and Africa. In order to assist our customers:

  • ARHYA offers entirely customised services: our experts create detailed forecasts for your area (county, town, company, agricultural plot...) and fully designed for your activities. In case of any hydrometeorological event which might be damaging, we warn you a long time in advance.
  • We use today's best and latest modelling technologies. Those ensure an excellent predictability and an optimal coverage for all meteorological phenomena across the whole of the European and African territories.
  • Our engineers take turns during the night: the use of highly accurate detection tools (radar and satellite imaging, network of weather stations) makes it possible for us to inform you 24/7. As soon as an intense meteorological phenomenon approaches your business, we warn you immediately so that you can protect yourself.
  • You are given access to an online private personal space: we provide you with modern and operational tools. The information and forecasts you need are delivered to you via text messages or phone calls and are available on an extranet which is entirely dedicated to our customers.

Some of the business sectors
in which our services are reputed

Anticipating the hydrometeorological hazards for agricultural businesses

Your business depends on the weather. You are worried about hailstorms, late frosts, periods of drought and heavy rains... Our service is exactly what you need!

Our company's forecasts can be both for the short term (a few hours) and the long term (a week or more) and they are based on today's best and latest modelling technologies. The forecasts are accurate and localised: you are provided with the weather information which meets your needs (temperature, humidity, diameter of the hailstones, etc.).

Do you strive to improve your productivity and limit your economic losses? The weather conditions weigh on your production processes and impact your productivity. We offer our customers a service which makes it possible to optimise the production cycles, to anticipate the harvests, to treat at the right time, based on the upcoming weather forecasts.

We inform you of the intensity and the location of the ongoing hydrometeorological phenomena, while anticipating their trajectories in the short term. Our mission: Alerting you soon enough so that you can have time to act and protect yourself. Our engineers advise you 24/7.

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Anticipating the hydrometeorological hazards for the municipalities

Would you like to know about your town's vulnerability to major natural risks?

Does your town haveareas which are likely to flood? Would you like to benefit from accurate and anticipated forecasts in order to prepare for potential crises? We watch over you 24/7 while taking into account your area's specificities and vulnerability.

During an intense climatic event, our experts will use their knowledge in crisis management to guide and advise you. We will provide you with accurate information regarding the ongoing phenomenon: its location, kinetics, trajectory in the short and the long term, the possible consequences. These alerts in real time are made possible thanks to the use of very accurate detection tools.

Our engineers, specialised in the management of risks and crises, will guide and advise you before, during and after the event. Our service is vital to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

In other words, before offering you this service, we carry out a vulnerability analysis of your town's hydrometeorological risks. This allows us to provide you with accurate information which meet your needs.

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Anticipating the hydrometeorological hazards for the construction industry

Would you like to know about the weather conditions which will affect your construction sites?

Your work organisation as well as the smooth running of your operations both depend on the weather. Our engineers produce accurate forecasts everywhere across Europe and Africa. This allows you to plan ahead your construction sites' progress as well as to manage your logistics and your teams.

Our experts deliver weather bulletins and alerts in real time, 24/7 and throughout all your construction sites' durations. You are provided with accurate and local information regarding the intensity of the ongoing phenomenon as well as its evolution in the very short term. We also take care of telling you when the risks are over, so that you can know exactly when to resume your activities.

We analyse, for each of your construction sites, the area's climatic specificities in order to facilitate your work. Would you like to avoid economic losses? Our service allows you to optimise your working time by reducing the time spent waiting for the end of bad weather.

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