Anticipation and assistance
for farmers

Anticipation and assistance for farmers
Anticipation and assistance for farmers

Anticipating damaging events
in order to protect yourselves from them and plan your activities

This service is meant for the farmers who would like to anticipate the damaging hydrometeorological events.

Atmospheric conditions have always been an important factor in agriculture. That is why ARHYA provides its customers with its experts' weather forecasts which make it possible, among other things, to optimise your yields. By choosing this deal, you also benefit from daily customised assistance, with our teams providing you with information 24/7 regarding the weather on the scale of your plot(s). This allows you to protect your lands from all hazards (hailstorm, heavy rains, gusts of wind, frost, etc.), thus making a success of your business.

Forecasts and alerts:
a service dedicated to the protection
of your plots

From anticipating to assisting you in the crisis management

Step 1 Anticipating


Anticipating in order to plan

The anticipation step consists in the analysis of mathematical, physical and meteorological models in order to detect a potential damaging event heading towards your plots up to one week before it occurs. This step makes it possible for you to plan your activities, especially as far as anticipating the treatments and the harvests is concerned.

Step 2 Forecasting


Forecasting in order to protect

The forecasts are constantly made more and more accurate during the four days which precede the event. Our teams use highly accurate models which make it possible to quantify with precision the level of risk on the scale of your plots. This step is vital in order to improve the planning of your activities as well as to set up the appropriate protective measures.

Real-time monitoring and assistance

Real-time monitoring and assistance

A tool designed to facilitate your decision making

Our experts have substantial skills in weather forecasting and use highly accurate detection tools. During this phase, which we know is very stressful for the farmers, we will provide you with accurate information regarding the ongoing phenomenon (location, trajectory and evolution in the short and the medium term). This information makes it possible for you to protect yourself wisely.

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